The name's Noah Puckerman, call me Puck. But you already knew that.

I'm 18 and a freshman at NYU. Majoring in criminal justice with a minor in music.

#20 on the NYU basketball team. Go Bobcats!

Proud father of Zane Aaron and Caroline Barbara. I'm definitely the luckiest guy in the world.

Married to Rachel Berry. Until my heart stops beating.

[This is for RP purposes only. Thank you.]

Unhappy Homecoming || Puck&Allison 

Puck knew Rachel had questions when he suddenly got up to leave their apartment, even though they just got home. He told her he would text her as he was walking out the door, closing it behind him and slipping into his winter jacket. He stepped outside their building and onto the busy streets of New York, looking around. The hospital wasn’t too far, so he opted to walk. It gave him time to think, which was something he really needed. Why the hell would no one tell him about Allison? Like, seriously. She was one of his best friends and they just didn’t tell him the fact she almost died. He understands why the didn’t tell him, but fuck. That’s not okay. And right now, all he needed was to know she was alright and that she was going to be okay. Which is why when he got to the hospital, he walked right up to front desk and pretty much demanded for her room number. He made his way through the hospital until he was stopped in front of the open door to her room, all of his anger disappearing when he saw Allison in the hospital bed. He took a step inside the door and knocked lightly on the wood, getting her attention.

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