The name's Noah Puckerman, call me Puck. But you already knew that.

I'm 18 and a freshman at NYU. Majoring in criminal justice with a minor in music.

#20 on the NYU basketball team. Go Bobcats!

Proud father of Zane Aaron and Caroline Barbara. I'm definitely the luckiest guy in the world.

Married to Rachel Berry. Until my heart stops beating.

[This is for RP purposes only. Thank you.]

Vegas, Baby || Puck,Allison,Brittany&Santana 

Puck figured a lot of shit could happen when people went to Vegas, like get drunk and do stupid shit. But he did not expect Santana and Brittany to get arrested. He that would be the last thing to happen to them. But that’s how he ended up in the back of a cab with Allison sitting in the backseat with him as they headed to bail out Santana and Brittany. The plane ride wasn’t that long but he was just exhausted, the only other time ever being on a plane would be when he went to Nationals last year. He wasn’t used to it. The cab stopped and he dug through his pocket for some cash, handing it to the driver and hopping out behind Allison. He looked at her and sighed, walking up to the door and walking inside. He honestly could not believe he had to do this. But leave it to them two to get arrested on this first night they’re in Vegas. Only them.

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    The last thing Santana wanted to do was hurt her sister but right now it wasn’t a choice. Trying to shove her off she...
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    Allison stood with her arms crossed waiting for Santana and Brittany to come out. She should’ve expected the guilty look...